Owning and managing a business requires a lot of hard work and attention when it comes to hygiene and safety. Especially those who deal with food processing. This is why employees involved in the production of food need to wear appropriate uniforms and clothing.

Business owners have varying opinions on what their staff should wear, but there is a common consensus on what constitutes the ideal uniform and clothing for food handling. We’ll tell you why smart uniforms make smart business sense.

Helping the Food Industry with High Quality Garments

Alsco can provide a tailored economical garment solution for your food processing business. Freshly laundered to stringent HACCP standards and delivered direct to your door.

Alsco’s food industry garments are made of polyester and cotton blends, which make them both lightweight and durable. This is so important for staff who handle any kind of food or meat preparation.

Some key design features include cuffed sleeves, internal pockets, and no external buttons. These all help to minimise any kind of contamination when working.

Did we mention that we also offer colour-coded workwear to avoid any kind of cross-contamination when handling food or sensitive material? This makes it easier for you to know which area each of your workers are assigned to and what their responsibilities are.

Our food industry garments can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. Our range of garments include a static dispersant coat that is lint-free making it specially designed for a cleanroom environment.

Rental Service Program That Saves You Time and Money

Even though we pride ourselves on the quality of our workwear, we understand that every business has an allocated budget for these sorts of things. The great news is that Alsco’s managed rental program gives you all of the benefits mentioned above at an unbeatable cost.

There is no capital outlay required when opting for our rental service program and we should also mention they are tax deductible as well.

We also include additional services aside from supplying your business with food processing workwear. Such as an inventory management system that allows you to easily manage and check all the items, which saves you a lot of time.

Another time saving service included is our regular, agreed delivery schedules which can be very flexible thanks to our reliable customer support representatives who are always ready to hear your business concerns and requirements in regards to our services.

If you want to know more about our wide selection of Food Processing workwear, just call +60 3 5191 7766 or use our contact form to speak to one of our representatives.