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Taking care of uniform needs for industries in demand:

Why is a Managed Rental Service is the most cost-efficient solution?

Alsco Uniforms Managed Rental Service is the smart, money-saving option that thousands of savvy businesses are choosing across Thailand. Our rental service is more than just renting. It’s a comprehensive solution to your business requirements, from convenient, cash flow friendly payments to a regular service completely flexible and tailored to your needs.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover Costs

    When you rent from Alsco, you always have clean industrial work clothes and uniforms. Dirty uniforms and clean uniforms are stored in separate cabinets to ensure that they are kept clean and tidy at all times.

  • Enjoy Hassle-Free Uniform Replacement

    When you rent from Alsco Uniforms, you don’t have to worry about staff losses or replacement hassle due to the turnover of your team. Alsco Uniforms will take away the old work uniforms and send customised new uniforms to your new employees.

  • Save Repair and Replacement Costs

    Alsco Uniforms monitors the use of work uniforms for you. If problems such as tears or unstitching are found during cleaning, we will repair them in time; if the uniform is beyond repair , we will directly replace it with a new uniform.

  • Systematically Track Status of Work Uniforms

    UHF chips are affixed to each work clothes, so as to monitor the wearer’s corresponding uniform use status, cleaning status, damaged status, etc., so that you can understand the whole situation more clearly.

  • Support Environmental Sustainability

    Alsco Uniforms is committed to global environmental sustainability, minimising the use of chemicals in the cleaning process, collecting chemical residues, cleaning and reusing wastewater.

  • Take Advantage of Alsco's High Standards

    In more than 130 years of history, Alsco has always insisted on providing professional and efficient outsourcing uniform management services for all types of enterprises at reasonable and consistent prices.

Why Choose Alsco Uniforms Rental & Laundry Service?

  • Large upfront investment
  • Uniforms may not be laundered in accordance with International standards
  • No HACCP/GMP compliance
  • Inflexible service frequencies
  • Cost of lockers, solid bins, racks etc.
  • No alterations & size changes
  • Extra cost for management & supervision
  • High costs in water & associated cleaning
  • Maintenance cost of your own washing machines
  • No technology for UHF/labelling to monitor specific wearers
  • Tailored services to suit your business. We provide alterations and size changes to suit your employees.
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Uniforms are laundered in accordance with International standards: AS NZS 4146-2000 Laundry Practices Standards
  • Thailand branch is HACCP/GMP compliant
  • Flexible service frequencies
  • Saves your time. We do it all, procurement & admin management.
  • Save costs in water & associated cleaning
  • No maintenance cost for washing machine. We maintain our own industrial washing machines.
  • We have UHF technology. Meaning every uniform is labelled, and we can track uniforms in our system.

Managed Rental Uniform Services

We do laundry in the tourism industry, hotels, resorts, hospitals, fitness centers, schools. We provide laundry services with industrial washing and drying machines, delivered on time on the specified date and time. Talk to us today to get the right service for your business.

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What our customers say


AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd.

 Alsco always provides good support and excellent management of our uniforms. They are very supportive with our requirements and problem solving. Together we work efficiently and have established a good partnership.

Mr. Amornthep Sumleenin (K.Arm), Factory Standards AB Foods.


MARS (Sodexo)

Alsco have very good systems in place to manage many types of uniforms, they produce daily and monthly summary delivery reports. Their factory is very clean and they can verify their step by step process in a simple and professional manner.

Mr. Pipaksa Phuangkasem (K.First), General Service Manager Mars Petcare [Sodexo Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.]


McKey Food Services (Thailand) Ltd.

Mckey Food would like to thank Alsco for always providing good support and management of our uniform requirements. When we come across any issues, Alsco can quickly provide solutions and resolve matters in a timely and efficient manner.  We have established a great partnership over many years of service and good support.

Ms. Nuttaporn Butrdham, Executive - Sanitation


Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Bangkok Marriott Marquis (Sukhumvit22) we are pleased to work with Alsco. They provide good support for our requirements and any issues that we encounter. The cleaning of the uniforms is great and helps us keep a very good image.


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