Restaurant & Catering

Chefwear and FOH staff uniforms

Provide your Chef’s and kitchen staff, clean, fresh uniforms every week with Alsco’s Managed Rental Service. Choose from a large range of styles and colours that can be tailored for your business. It’s easy to set up and hassle free. We provide the uniforms, collect the used ones, launder, dry, press and deliver them back to your front door every week.


Alsco aprons can make a statement in your restaurant catering business. Not only for the kitchen but also look great front of house. Choose from a large range of rustic cross strap or classic designs. All delivered clean and fresh direct to your door every week.


Slips and trips can be a thing of the past with an Alsco floor mat solution. Wet area mats are great in the kitchen and in bars where liquid and food spills are common. Reduce slips and trips and help keep your staff safe while working. Alsco’s duststop mats can protect your floors from wear and tear and keep your floors cleaner, by capturing dirt before it’s tracked in. Available on Alsco’s Managed Rental Service, fresh mats every week. It’s easy to set up, economical and makes good business sense.

Tea Towels and Wipes

No matter your industry, having clean, quality Tea Towels and Wipes around isn’t just handy. It’s also hygienic, and reflects your business positively. Alsco’s rented linen service makes sure you always have fresh, crisp Tea Towels and Wipes on hand.

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