Uniforms have become synonymous with the medical industry. Clean lab coats, scrubs and overalls are crucial to reduce the risks of cross contamination. They provide a calm sense of security and professionalism to patients and others while providing a cleaner work environment. However is it better to provide the uniforms to your staff or allow them to purchase their own? What are the benefits of a rental service for your medical uniform needs?

Benefits to your Organisation

1. Maintains high level of cleanliness and hygiene

With a rental uniform service, you can be rest assured that all of your staff’s uniforms will always be clean, fresh and wrinkle free at all times. When overworked medical staff are responsible for washing their own uniforms, there is no guarantee that garments will be laundered properly. If uniforms are left dirty, there is a possibility of contamination to other patients or staff.

2. Maintains a high consistent uniform quality

When you rent uniforms, we can ensure your uniforms always remain fresh and looking new. With the constant need to launder medical uniforms, they can look dull and be worn down easily. With Alsco’s managed rental service, we assess each uniform when returned, to see if any need to be replaced or repaired. Having identical uniforms for all of your staff, also increases the team spirit and level of professionalism within the environment. If you allow your staff to purchase their own uniforms, you may end up with a disjointed team look, which may leave patients and other health workers confused.

3. Uniforms protect staff

Research studies have found that bacteria can still be found on scrubs at the end of the shifts. Implementing a managed uniform rental service, ensures that staff are not carrying around bacteria from their shift to the public and their homes. All soiled garments are left at the organisation, with no possibility of contaminating outside areas. Similar to this, having a uniform reduces the possible risk of bringing harmful bacteria or contaminants such as pet hair from outside into the medical environment.

Benefits to the staff

1. Relief from costly purchases and ongoing costs

With a uniform rental service, medical staff are no longer responsible for purchasing their own uniforms or laundering costs.

2. Convenience

Working in the healthcare industry can be mentally and physically challenging. Having to remember to launder their uniforms is another unnecessary chore to perform. With Alsco’s rental uniform service, we can deliver fresh and clean laundered uniforms at your agreed schedule while picking up soiled garments.

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