As you may already know, Alsco offers services designed to meet OSH and HACCP standards, along with better workplace hygiene and a generally healthier and safer working environment. Our range is tailored for all sorts of different industries. From floor mats to workwear, Thailand’s leading name has it covered.

While many competitors sell products direct, Alsco is the leading name in fully managed services, where the product is rented by the client, not purchased. This system brings with it several advantages:

Rental Services Equals Lower Costs

Because there a monthly rental fee, you do not need to make an initial outlay for equipment and supplies. What’s more, rental services are tax deductible, so you save money too.

Full Compliance Made Easy

Health and safety regulations are pretty strict and failing to comply can result in hefty fines. Staying on top of every little change to regulations can be a challenge.

It is our business to know about any changes to rules and regulations, and as a result any changes can be dealt with immediately. This eliminates any potential headaches involved in ensuring full compliance at all times.

Managed Rental Services From Alsco

Workwear – expertly designed work clothing for a variety of industries including Food & Beverage, Food Processing, Industrial and Pharmaceutical, which we will wash, replace and deliver to you.

Alsco Mats – a variety of floor mats including high traffic, anti-fatigue and wet area as well as custom design mats.

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