Some lucky people work in offices that are absolutely perfectly designed.

Of course, they brag about them. When they do – they talk about how comfy their chair is, or how perfect their AC is, or even about the stunning view from their window.

These people can spend hours talking about the stuff on their walls or their colour. Hardly anybody will mention the awesome floor mats they have in their office.

That is because they are in the complete dark when it comes to what really matters for a good workplace. A good, well positioned and well-chosen floor mat is a hundred times more important than a nice picture on a wall, or the colour of your interior.

Here are the 14 reasons why you should pay more attention to your mats than your office walls.

1. The Welcoming Effect

If you are looking for a good illustration on how important a mat is, just think about the red carpet. Your entrance mat has a similar function. Your mat welcomes people and makes them feel special.

A nice, big, clean and well-designed mat is the first thing your potential clients touch when they enter your building.

By wishing them a nice welcome with your mat, you are putting them in a good mood and creating a nice attitude toward your company.

Of course, you can put a nice welcoming message on your walls, but will it be noticed?

In some cases – yes. Still, everybody looks where they are stepping, especially when they are entering a place for the first time. So, floor mats definitely win this round.

2. The First Impression

When it comes to comparing the effects of walls and mats in relation to forming the first impression, admittedly, it is a tie.

Still, there is a big difference between how walls help you leave a good impression and how the floor mats do it. While walls have the visual advantage, floor mats influence the first impression more subtly.

A sense of touch is quite underestimated, but you should not make that sort of mistake. By providing people with a good and soft mat as a surface they walk on, they will feel more comfortable.

Feeling more comfortable means feeling more relaxed and that makes people more open to doing business.

Additionally, a spotless and industrially cleaned floor mat leaves an impression of a professional and highly functional business venue.

3. Mats Prevent Dirt from Spreading

Dust and dirt that reach walls will probably stay there or even spread around. It all depends on the quality of the wall. However, the dust and dirt that people carry into the building on their soles will get caught and trapped by a high-quality mat.

This means all that the rest of your facilities are protected in terms of spreading the mud, dust, and dirt. A good mat absorbs it all. Still, you need to clean it regularly and thoroughly. You do not see your walls stopping the awful dirt from spreading around your company, do you? Floor mats win again.

4. Mats Prevent Diseases

Your walls are not as easily cleaned as your floor mats. Especially if you rent your mats and have the cleaning included in your monthly price.

All the germs, bacteria, viruses, and other pesky enemies of your health stay on the walls once they are there. People touch them, carry the germs on their hands, and spread them around.

On the other hand, good mats absorb all the germs before they enter the building and they are easily killed during washing.

So, next time while you are rubbing the soles of your shoes against the entrance mat, think about how that piece of fabric saves you from various diseases. It is not something you can say for your walls.

5. Mats Are Easily Cleaned

Just imagine having to scrub those walls regularly. Dusting them – sure. Even wiping them – OK. But thoroughly cleaning walls all the time – impossible.

Floor mats can be industrially cleaned and put back like nothing happened. And you can do that as often as you like.

Alsco does that for a monthly fee that includes rental, delivery and regular cleaning of the mats.

6. Mats Boost Employee Health

It is not just that they can spot the germs before they reach your employees. Good floor mats reduce backaches, joint pains, and fatigue.

7. Mats Prevent the Fatigue

Revolutionary anti-fatigue mats are perfect for those employees that have to stand throughout their shifts.

They have a strong grip on the surface below them, so they are always stable in their position. They are firm but soft and that reduces the pressure on the joints and the muscles.

Consequently, the fatigue is reduced and soothed.

On the other hand, a nice wall colour can relax you a bit, but it will definitely do nothing for your employee fatigue.

8. Mats Can Reduce Sick Days Taken

  • Bad back – at least a day off work.
  • Broken leg – no less than three weeks.
  • Flu or bacterial infection – the luckiest will spend three days in bed

Floor mats prevent these things from happening. Soft surface to walk on reduces backaches, anti-slip properties reduce the chances of injuries and good mats stop spreading the germs.

Do you know any walls that help people with all these things? Of course not. One more reason why floor mats deserve more of your attention.

9. Mats Advertise Your Company

Advertising space is one of those things where the value of mats and walls is quite similar. People look at the walls for advertisements and they expect them at their eye level.

Still, your floors are precious advertising spaces that often go ignored. Use your floor mats to print your logo on them. Peripheral vision is quite important when it comes to advertising. Make the most of this chance to boost your brand visibility.

10. Mats Can Spread the Corporate Message

Your corporate logo is not the only thing that you can place on a mat. You can have anything printed on on these surfaces. Consider printing a corporate message or a motto.

While you can do all this on the walls, as well, there is a nice little perk when it comes to mats – you can put them anywhere.

Put a message about your product on a mat and place that mat in a store, in the aisle where your type of product is displayed. No wall can do that.

11. Mats Protect Your Floors

With all these perks that come with floor mats, it is easy to forget that one of their functions is to protect the floors.

Wearing of the floor can make it look unappealing and dirty even when it is regularly cleaned. A nice mat can prevent that from happening. Even if it does – a mat will cover it.

12. Mats Prevent Injuries

Slipping and tripping make a lot of workplace related injuries. Some of them end up with just a bruised ego, while others can lead to serious injuries. Floor mats with specially designed lower surfaces reduce this risk and provide employees with more stability.

Also, wet area mats make sure that the slippery liquids are not in touch with your feet and that reduces the occurrence of these sorts of injuries to a minimum. You will hardly find a wall that helps people stay injury-free.

13. Mats Secure Wet Areas

Wet areas can be health hazards for many reasons. Germs and bacteria thrive in damp places and it is very easy to slip on a wet patch on a floor.

Specialised wet area mats have holes in them so that all that water or liquid finds its way down and away from one’s feet. Also, it grips the floor very tightly and that makes it almost impossible to slip.

14. Mats Can Make Your Workplace Look Amazing

Yes, of course, your walls can do this, as well. Still, if you have simple, bare, white walls and an amazing floor mat with your corporate message on it, would you care that your walls are bare?

On the other hand, if your walls are perfectly used, but your floor is dirty and has completely wrong mats on it, it will definitely be noticed. Taking all this into account, the verdict is pretty easy to make: we are not giving our floor mats the glory they deserve.

Protecting everything from our health to our business brand – floor mats are the heroes of modern business. All you need to do is keep them clean and well maintained. Moreover, you do not even have to do that anymore.

Alsco offers an unbelievable deal: for a monthly fee, you get to choose all the floor mats you need, rent them, design them and choose the place where we put them in your workplace.

Is that all? Not by far!

Alsco staff comes in regular intervals that we agree on, picks up those mats, replaces them with the same, perfectly cleaned ones and takes those that you were using for an unbelievably thorough, industrial level learning.

One more thing: we pick the mats from your workplace and deliver them back to you ourselves.

Call Alsco right now! We can work out a great monthly price for you.